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Are your hands strained or tired with manually fabric cutters? Are you frustrated with the lack of precision your current scissors provide? Want a quick, easy and affordable way to enhance comfort and precision when cutting through paper or fabric? How about lightweight heavy duty portable electric scissors or heat cutting blade?


ZippyCut Fabric Cutters

ZippyCut is a sturdy, portable industrial electric scissor that can be used with paper and most fabrics including impregnated and coated fabrics in addition to any large format materials. ZippyCut is designed for comfort, safety and maneuverability with a length of 7-inches and a weight of only 8 ounces. With two interchangeable carbide blades including a guided shoe blade, the ZippyCut is a mobile high precision cutting tool that can cut through intricate designs with ease. In addition, ZippyCut can be used both indoors or outdoors with either rechargeable battery or AC power.

ZippyCut is perfect for use with most large format media including fabric, leather, paper, woven or knitted Kevlar™, Vectran™, Zylon™, Fiberglas™ Spectra™ and other similar engineered materials.

  • Unique lightweight industrial electric scissor widely used to cut fabrics
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and maneuverability
  • Two interchangeable sharp and precise carbide blades
  • Easily cut through paper, fabric, Kevlar™, fiberglass and most large format media
  • Complete set including a rechargeable battery, charger and AC/DC adapter

HotSlice Fabric Cutter

HotSlice Fabric Cutter

The HotSlice is a high quality industrial built, portable, adjustable, hand held fabric heating cutter specifically designed to accurately cut and seal various types of fabrics.

  • High quality portable hand held heating cutter for most fabrics
  • Accurately cuts and seals fabric synthetic fiber, polyester and most types of textiles
  • High speed heat temperature blade – up to 500°C in mere seconds
  • Adjustable temperature control system
  • Includes a standard heat blade and a cutting foot for various fabric cutting applications
  • Industrial built and ergonomically designed handle for safe and efficient use
  • Optional inter-changeable heat blades for various fabric cutting applications


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Book a demonstration or request samples.

Our showrooms have everything on display for demonstrations and sampling.
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