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GoTx-Logo_500x201GoTx® DTG Series builds on over a decade of remarkable success in the finished garment decorating markets. With over 8000 installed printers globally for direct to garment applications with our sister brand DTG Digital. We’ve brought all that combined experience over to create the world’s fastest industrial garment printer. We have learnt a lot over our time and helped thousands of successful garment printing businesses grow and succeed. What we do hear loud and clear is that an incredible growing number of printers now require a faster production process.

So in the past few years we have been prototyping and refining a new series of printers that were designed with one thing in mind…SPEED.

Naturally we wanted to continue with the WIMS (white ink management system), the IQ Interweave and superior ink drop sizes for high resolution prints that have made the GoTx® the most recognized and used. It was also imperative that we used the same inks and print heads that have generated all that success so far. To build on this legacy our engineering team had to start from ground up in designing a printer that will deliver on all fronts…the GoTx®-QM8.


PigmentInc® for Direct Prints

The “greener” digital textile printing market for natural fibers is growing faster than ever. Make the switch to a greener solution that requires no water, no steaming or washing in process. The P60i PigmentInc® range ensures that you have an ink solution that can deliver the same quality and performance you’ve come to expect from traditional printing techniques. An enhanced 9 color ink range with white delivers extended colour gamuts, great hand and wash and light fastness to all natural fibers, 100% polyester and blends. Designed for continual use in the latest generation hi-speed Epson DX7 print heads.


  • High dye loading
  • Bright striking colors
  • Excellent jetting performance
  • Excellent end-use properties
  • 9 colors to choose from
  • Suitable for cotton, viscose, silk, wool, linen, polyester & blends
  • Wide colour gamut

Intelligent features

  • A quad (4) staggered head printer array with 32 channels of variable 3.5 pcl to 48 pcl drop sizes across all resolutions for rapid penetration and extreme colors. Lower viscosity white ink controls for a finer drop placement and faster more precise under-basing and registration. Better colors and more saturation.
  • 300+ white shirts per hour, 100+ black shirts per hour printed with both white and color inks, with an A4 image (8x11inch) at 720 x 720 dpi. Images are incredibly sharp and the color gamut supported far exceeds any printer in the market.
  • Dual WIMS white ink management system with ultrasonic degassed 2 liter bags and constant pressurization and recirculation to dedicated all new 16 channel print heads. We now print more ink at better resolutions, faster.
  • Dual CMYK 16 channel dedicated color print heads with increased pressurization and larger pressure release manifolds at the print head – no ink replenishment issues – there’s always the correct ink delivery ready to print 24/7 – all shift.
  • The DM-8 workflow follows traditional multi head embroidery and screenprinting loading systems for easier integration onto the shop floor. An operators best friend.
  • White ink has always needed time to dry before color layers, so we have integrated customizable delays between white and color layers. This allows optimum efficiency in dark shirt printing with no bleeding.
  • Our new IQ rip was developed for the DM-8 project with integrated barcode scanner for job loading automation. Load prepositioned platen templates, profiles and job numbering for seamless web to print applications.
  • The DTG Digital DM-8 is a hi-speed production ready garment printer that brings cost effective ink management with superior color to mass decoration volume requirements. It delivers all the unique features that the DTG range has previously, but in a highly affordable in- line print production station with features that set it apart. It prints faster than any previous model. Requires less maintenance and has the lowest consumable and service cost in the market.


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Key Features





(720 x 720 / 4) 67.7m²/h

(360 x 720) 30.0m²/h


(360 x 720 / 2) 83.2m²/h

(360 x 720) 46.0m²/h

Speed Production 1

(360 x 1080 / 2) 117m²/h

(360 x 540) 55.0m²/h

Speed Production 2

(360 x 360 / 1) 165m²/h

(360 x 360) 72.0m²/h

Max. Speed

204.3 m²/h


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