Industrial Direct to Garment &

Direct to Film Transfer Printers

Direct to Garment printers, also known as DTG printers and Direct to Film transfer printers also known as DTF printers , are designed to print direct to fabric such as t-shirts, baby wear, caps, bags, tea-towels, cushions etc. Using specialised pigment ink technology, DTG & DTF printing is more economical and faster than screen printing and requires less space and start-up costs. Our DTG Digital printer range are simple to use, produce a beautiful colourfast result and has the best ROI in the market.

DTG Digital TM Q1 Hybrid

The Q1 Hybrid Series printer sets a new benchmark in desktop DTG printer performance. Print more garments per hour with dual print heads that deliver faster print speeds. Expand the range of items you can decorate using both DTG and DTF technology in a single print platform. Simple switch feature from DTG to DTF transfers for true application versatility.

DTG Digital TM Q2 Hybrid

The Q2 Hybrid Series printer takes DTG printer performance to industrial level production. Four print heads for increased production speed. Print hundreds of garments an hour with direct-to-garment (DTG) and simply switch to direct-to-film (DTF) to produce best in class transfers for both synthetic and natural fabrics. Load garments efficiently with dual QLVP vacuum platens. Expand the range of items you can decorate using both DTG and DTF technology in a single print platform.

direct to garment printers M2

DTG M2 Industrial DTG Printer

The industrial class DTG M2 is the culmination of 10 years of R&D and garment printer development, it delivers the industries most advanced, user friendly and precise print platform specifically designed for textile applications.

direct to garment printers M6

DTG M6 Industrial DTG Printer

The M6 was designed for multiple garment prints and fashion panel decoration. Independent 8 x ink channels allow machine configuration of CCMMYYKK – CMYKWWWW or CMYK Orange Violet Red and Grey for an expanded colour gamut and increased textile applications. It′s flexible.

DTG Digital™ QO–T DTF Transfer Printer

The first commercial high-volume DTF Transfer System in a true desktop format is here! Real production transfer printing, generating 16” x 20” transfer sheets in minutes with outstanding color and it’s easy to use! Boost production for a wider range of fabrics including 100% Poly, Cotton, Rayon and even Nylon! A powerhouse in production in a compact size and price.

DTG Digital™ Q1–T DTF Roll To Roll Transfer Printer

The Q1•T Series produces brilliant digital transfer sheets, handling everything from single color shirt labels to left chest logos to full-size prints. The DTF printer uses PET transfer film which is translucent so you can see the design underneath the film when you later heat-press it onto the garment. The PET film has a thickness of around 0.75mm which allows for better transfer characteristics. The films and adhesive glue powders applied inline with the Q1•T Series are designed for a cold peel transfer and manufactured by Kodak®. So you are assured application and batch consistency unlike other media available in the market.

Branch Out with Digital

Steve Richardson, Managing Director of Pigment Inc explains why embracing specialty digital printing processes are an important stepping stone to increase profits and boost your


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