DTG Digital is proud to announce our new flagship
Direct-to-Film Transfer Printer, the Q1•T Series.
Taking the fast fashion on demand market by storm, this
revolutionary DTF transfer printer has a whopping machine output
that is up to FIVE TIMES faster than most comparable garment
decoration processes and is the ultimate addition to your
equipment line-up.

It’s Like Nothing
You’ve Ever Seen.

The Q1•T Series produces brilliant digital transfer sheets, handling everything from single color shirt labels to left chest logos to full-size prints. The DTF printer uses PET transfer film which is translucent so you can see the design underneath the film when you later heat-press it onto the garment. The PET film has a thickness of around 0.75mm which allows for better transfer characteristics. The films and adhesive glue powders applied inline with the Q1•T Series are designed for a cold peel transfer and manufactured by Kodak®. So you are assured application and batch consistency unlike other media available in the market.
Starting at just €00,000.00




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Let’s face it –
you own a
DTF to make money!

And the number of transfers per hour you can produce will determine how profitable your printer will be. When printing multiple images ganged onto one roll or larger designs for big branding opportunities The ink and transfer film and powder will be the same $ per sqf/h. Let’s look at printing two 8 x 12” designs placed together across the roll horizontally. Both images will print in around 1 minute and if printing smaller logo’s will be approximately 50-70 within the same area of 16 x 12” area.

Let’s face it –
you own a
DTF to make money!

The number of transfers you can produce per hour will determine how profitable your printer will be. With an extra large print size of 16”x20” (40x50cm), extra productivity is gained when printing multiple images ganged onto one sheet or you can print larger designs for big branding opportunities. Consumables costs are low and easily calculated as the cost per sheet is practically fixed regardless of whether you printing one large design or 25 x smaller designs per sheet.

Bags, compendiums, caps, shopping totes, rainwear, umbrellas, apparel and loads more… All the products you wished your DTG could print – well now you can.

What can you print with the Q1-T Series?
Actually what can’t you print!

The beauty of the Q1•T Series DTF system by DTG Digital is that you can store your high-quality transfers for up to 6 months or more. This allows you to keep separate your print operations and your assembly line(s).

With other technologies such as screen-printing and DTG, you must bring the garment to the printer.

Your ability to create finished goods depends on how many garments can be loaded to your printer.

But with DTF, your print speed, and raw machine output of the printer is much greater. If you are printing left chest logos, for instance, you can print 8-10 copies of the same logo in about 10-20 seconds, not one logo per garment. You can add as many assembly or transfer stations as you need to make the most efficient use of the incredible machine output.

The DTG Digital Q1•T transfer printer is creating a new standard for professional garment decoration. But not just garments – backpacks, umbrellas, hi-vis workwear, rainwear, caps and so much more The Q1•T Series transfer printers are designed for 24/7 operation and perfect for any garment decorator looking to expand and simplify the entire process. With only around a 10 second press to create stunning graphics on such a wide range of Media. The Q1•T Series will open up new revenue streams and compliment your existing technology either screen, embroidery, DTG and others.

Colour Vibrancy
Compare a Direct-to-Film print side by side to a normal digital transfer to see the difference this new technology can make in terms of colour accuracy and vibrancy. Smooth gradients, pixel sharp photographic images, closer matched Pantone colours as standard.

These are the key benefits of the Direct-to-Film process. Add to this the industries BEST wash fastness, stretch and UV resistance because you are using water based textile pigmented inks – inks and transfer media actually designed for rigorous use.
What can you print with the DTF Q1-T System?
The custom apparel options are endless with DTF transfers. Transfers that literally stick to a huge variety of fabrics and are the ideal solution for tricky placements.

Faster Printing
With Multiple Print Heads

The DTG Q1-T has 2 print heads producing high speeds. Each print head holds 400 nozzles x 8 lines = 3,200 nozzles.

ALPHA Print Engine
Multiple Print Head Configurations

Higher volume output is achieved with multiple print head options. The QO-T vacuum platen holds film in position and comes standard with dual print heads in a trailing configuration. This enables colour and white ink layers to be printed in a single pass at higher print speeds.


KODAK's Film-to-Fabric
DTF system
delivers vibrant,
high-quality prints that last

• DTF/FTF Inks
• DTF/FTF Powders
• DTF/FTF Film in
   Sheets and Rolls
   ... and more

KODAK's Film-to-Fabric
DTF system
delivers vibrant,
high-quality prints that last

• DTF/FTF Inks
• DTF/FTF Powders
• DTF/FTF Film in
   Sheets and Rolls
   ... and more

Kodak EFTF (DTF)
New Ink, Transfer Film
and Powder Set

Kodak inks are Oeko-Tex approved and designed to match the latest precision core print heads in as far as viscosity and temperature requirements. They are available in user replaceable 1 litre bags for continuous or longer run production. Importantly the Film and Ink are coated and chemically matched for high release and have anti-static properties to ensure consistent reliable results.

Curing times of the final press have been dramatically decreased to 10-15 seconds at 145˚C to 160˚C (290˚F to 310˚F).



New Direct-to-Film Transfer Printer

This unique dual head printer produces high volume transfers. Featuring compact inline automatic powder and cure station. Print fast transfers time and again – Great for production one off’s or hundreds.

Most Profit Per Print

Lowest cost to print or most profit per print! - just 2 ways to say the same thing: every transfer you print will cost less on the DTF Q1-T than DTG printers or White Toner printer. That means you make more money every time you print, on every order.

Bulk Ink Cartridges

Pre degassed one litre bulk ink packs available in multiple colours. New EFTF series guarantees smoother brighter prints more colour options and designed for production.

WIMS (White Ink Management) & A.I.R® (Automatic Ink Refresh)

WIMS white ink management and A.I.R® automatically give you a new printhead daily. All critical parts are auto flushed through daily, resulting in a completely refreshed new printhead and capping station ready for production. Designed for 24/7 continual prints.

Intuitive control panel with toggle select

The newly design intuitive controls enable easy set-up and day to day use. Designed for industrial environment it will withstand the rigours of 24/7 production.

Dual (2) heads 8 lines white and 8 lines colour 6400 Nozzles total
CYMK + W + Flush liquid (A.I.R-ink refresh)
Print Area
Roll width 460mm x 100 meter
Type EFTF series
Ink Delivery
User replaceable 1.0L bags – pressurised re-circulation – white (WIMS)
In line powder application and curing station – w/ powered anti-static
Operating System
Vista, XPRIP, Win7-10 – DTG Rip Pro or comparable
240 V, 4.6 A, 50 Hz – 60 Hz
1330(W) x 1250(H) x 2100(L)mm – assembled
770 (W) x 1080 (H) x 1610 (L)mm – unassembled – fits through standard doorways
Kodak® film roll – 460mm x 100m
Kodak® FTF glue powder 1-10 Kg
E Stop , Auto Heat cut-off, HEPA filtration inbuilt, CE and UKCE

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