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The G4 DTG direct to garment printer establishes a new standard for professional direct prints for all finished garments and fashion panels. Designed and produced by DTG Digital® division of Pigment.Inc B.V., the G4 DTG was developed to be the most affordable industrial DTG printer in this market segment. Delivering speed, performance and amazing prints.

Over a decade in innovation and engineering advancements from DTG Digital® for all apparel printers, embroidery, screen-printing, internet, retail, sign shops, production houses and more, DTG Digital® products are preferred, trusted and used across a wide range of industries.

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G4 Powered

More speed, power and
performance than previous DTG’s
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Let’s face it – you own a G4 DTG to make money!

And the amount of shirts per hour you can produce will determine how profitable your printer will be. When printing a light coloured shirt with no white ink a 10 x 8” design will print in 28-36 seconds, approximately 70+ per hour.

Faster Printing With The DTG Print Heads

The G4 print head design produces high speeds. Each print head holds 1.27 inch long nozzles. Containing 384 nozzles, delivering more ink, faster with each pass.

New IQ Print Pro Color RIP

Print quality and features within a RIP – do make a difference to your overall design – if color and knock out graphics are important to you and your customers, then the new iQRip for the G4 DTG will leave you breathless.

G4 DTG Print Heads/ Dampers

A world first! Each print head on the G4 DTG has a damper reservoir with 2 sensors that measure the temperature and volume of the ink and adjusts the waveform to suit the inks. By adjusting the wave form to the ink by individual colour and each individual head, the G4 DTG delivers minimal nozzle deflection with a superior ink flow, maintaining a precise viscosity equilibrium at all print head nozzles simultaneously.

The G4 DTG dampers are designed as an automated de-bubbling system, an industry first that is not seen on any other printer. The dampers are pressurized so any excess air in the system is automatically released via a built in plunge diaphragm. This equates to less air in the production cycle and drastically reduces drying time for pigmented inks.

Better Colour, Better Printing,
Faster - Brilliant Print Quality

A Better Ink

DTG Digital® have a history of pioneering ink for well over a decade in DTG printers and the all new G4 DTG ink was developed for DTG printers to do far more when compared to other inks in the market.

The DTG Digital® G4 DTG ink has less white ink settling, typically higher viscosity and surface tensions enabling continual repeatable prints. There’s less air in the ink delivery to nozzle plates, so you get more printing without the maintenance levels currently seen in the market.

Clean Individual Heads

The G4 DTG has the ability to clean each individual head automatically. Imagine… run a nozzle check and yellow is short a nozzle or two? With the G4 DTG you can now clean that head only using a minute amount of ink, there are even options available for light to aggressive cleaning modes. With the G4 DTG you can choose to clean individual heads or clean all heads in both automatic and manual modes.

All the DTG Range

We have added reverse prints into the firmware so you can print one pass colour followed by white for DTF applications.

With vacuum platens as standard, film is held in place and heated to stop ink spread. Select the correct profiles and print onto our specialty film.

Coat with a fine glue powder and hover in press to dry. You can decorate jackets, nylon, rainwear and so much more.

Now you can print to a greater range of products!

Fespa Live With
Jerry Erich

How digital technologies can benefit garment manufacturers and how it can be applied to more than just T-shirts – Jerry Erich shares insights into the ever-expanding world of DTG printing

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Print an 8˝ x 10˝ image in 28 seconds – When printing a light coloured shirt with no white ink a 10 x 8” design will print in 28-36 seconds, approximately 70+ per hour.

4 x Ricoh Printheads

For faster, more reliable printing – The DTG G4 heads are a powerhouse of performance and reliability. Rated for billions of actuations you get a theoretical life of 3+ years with continual operation.

7˝ Touchscreen

Intuitive interface with multiple maintenence options – while normal functions like head cleaning and job repeat are visually available – the true operator’s best friend is the automated maintenance process employed.

Easy to Install
& Operate

The DTG G4 comes with a quick set up guide. The G4 requires no assembly, all you need is a worktable, power and a PC.

WIMS (White Ink Management System)

Eliminating white ink settling in the cartridges, ink lines, print head and damper.


Print quality and features within a RIP – do make a difference to your overall design – if colour and knock out graphics are important to you and your customers, then the new iQRip for the DTG G4 will leave you breathless.

Quick Load Vacuum Platens (QLVP)

Workflow is enhanced with quick load vacuum platens. It is literally seconds to reload and position a garment. No more tucking, hooping or re-centering.

2 Year Warranty

Warranty and Service from a seasoned professional with Technical back up globally – Add to this our standard 2 year warranty which includes print heads for the first year – naturally it excludes consumable parts like Inks.

Maximum Print Size
16” x 20” (Bed Size)
4 x Ricoh Piezo (CMYK + White)
Nozzle Dedicated to Color
192 nozzles per color
Nozzle Dedicated to White
768 nozzles (192 x 4)
Max. Print Resolution – Color
1200 x 1200 (16 pass)
Ink Cartridge
200/500ml cartridge with encrypted chip
Ink Cartridge Configuration
6 Cartridges (CMYKWW)
Maximum Ink Drop Size
Up to 37pl
Print Speed (actual printing times) (Size 10˝ x 8˝)
Fast – 28 sec (C) / 55 sec (C+W) Normal – 53 sec (C) / 102 sec (C+W) Quality – 79 sec (C) / 165 sec (C+W)
User Interface
7˝ Touch Resistive Display (Android ICS 4.03)
Table Height Adjustment
Automatic 50mm
Standard Connectivity
10/100 Base-T Ethernet
AC 100V or AC 200V
Size and Weight
1358 x 978 x 465 mm / 98kg

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