Industrial Direct to Garment Printer

DTG M6 Industrial
Direct To Garment Printer

The M6 by DTG Digital was designed for multiple garment prints and fashion panel decoration. Independent 8 x ink channels allow machine configuration of CCMMYYKK – CMYKWWWW or CMYK Orange Violet Red and Grey for an expanded colour gamut and increased textile applications it’s flexible.

The M6 brings a number of new features that complement the demand for volume printing. An all new garment platen system made up of 3 sets of 4-2-1 platens allows prints to 3 x XXXXL oversized garments, 6 x standard garments or 12 x smaller garments in one system thus reducing the need for multiple platens in production and utilising the maximum field space of 1150mm x 650mm to its full capacity.

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The 4-2-1 platen system drastically increases flexibility and productivity allowing more opportunities for profit making volume print production requirements.

Additionally, all over prints, fast fashion applications, printing custom designed panels for decorating other than apparel, towels, blankets, draperies…what can you imagine? What is the next profit-building applications a powerhouse like the M6 can bring to your business?

Fespa Live With
Jerry Erich

How digital technologies can benefit garment manufacturers and how it can be applied to more than just T-shirts – Jerry Erich shares insights into the ever-expanding world of DTG printing

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Panel Printing

Fashion panel printing is gaining momentum in strike off and small lot manufacturing with fashion houses and contract decorators because of the ease of the flexibility that a flatbed digital printer delivers. There is no need for a roll to roll sticky belt which means a massive reduction in equipment and manpower costs.

The DTG Digital M6 supports common panel sixes up to 1100 x 980mm. Fabrics and cut piece as well as multiple finished garments can be decorated at just under 100 square feet per hour with the dual CMYK piezo print head with a minimum 3.5 picolitre drop size for incredibly fine detail through to 48 picolitre large ink drops for rapid production with penetration.


There is no banding even at lower resolutions as the DTG M6 retains the iQ Interweave technology that has made the DTG printers the first choice for garment printers globally. Pressure release dampers ensure that ink is delivered to the print head nozzle plate for uninterrupted printing and an ink mist extraction fan also spans the entire bed ensuring longer print runs without maintenance.

With pressurized high volume ink tanks you can print all shift without needing to replenish inks. The DTG M6 is a powerhouse in production that offers flexibility for a wider range of textiles – finished garments or fashion panel prints.

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All the DTG Range

We have added reverse prints into the firmware so you can print one pass colour followed by white for DTF applications.

With vacuum platens as standard, film is held in place and heated to stop ink spread. Select the correct profiles and print onto our specialty film.

Coat with a fine glue powder and hover in press to dry. You can decorate jackets, nylon, rainwear and so much more.

Now you can print to a greater range of products!

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A Better Ink

DTG Digital® have a history of pioneering ink for well over a decade in DTG printers and the all new M-Series DTG ink was developed for DTG printers to do far more when compared to other inks in the market.

The DTG Digital® M-Series DTG ink has less white ink settling, typically higher viscosity and surface tensions enabling continual repeatable prints. There’s less air in the ink delivery to nozzle plates, so you get more printing without the maintenance levels currently seen in the market.

Print all over T-shirts, hoodies, children’s wear, tea towels, mouse mats,  jeans, cloth panels and more. Unlimited productivity, flexibility and throughput.



Multi-Shirt printing

The M6 will allow you to print 6 to 12 shirts at once or a large fashion panel so you can be more productive.

Big Printing

Do you know how many XL, XXL and bigger garments are sold? The M6 makes you more by printing up to 30″ x 44″ – that’s printing big.

Bottles, not Cartridges

Bulk ink is just a better deal. It impacts pricing, because you’re basically buying in bulk, and you don’t have to stop and “agitate” the cartridges. The patented White Ink Management system that’s built in to every M6 handles that for you.

Most Profit Per Print

Lowest cost, most profit - just 2 ways to say the same thing: every shirt you print will cost less on the M6 than the other DTG printers. That means you make more money every time you print, on every order.

Auto-Height Adjustment

The M6 has an automatic height adjustment. Every time you load up a new shirt the M2 will adjust the height of the platen – Avoiding expensive head strikes or fuzzy prints. It’s a money saver, a hassle saver, and a time saver.

Removable Platens

With the M6 you can load 6 shirts and hit print. While they’re printing you can load SIX OTHER PLATENS, then when the first shirts are done, simply lift them off and place the next to on the printer. It’s just a more productive workflow, and it’s unique to the DTG M6.

Piezo 180 nozzles per channel
8 (Dual CMYK or 4 White plus CMYK)
Print Area
1150mm x 750mm (44” x 30”)
DTG inks – Piezo compatible pigments
Ink Delivery
Bottle – pressurised CYMK, Bottle – pressurised re-circulation – white (WIMS)
Processor driven conveyor
Operating System
Vista, XPRIP, Win7-10 – DTG Rip Pro
AC 110-240V, 50-60Hz, 10A, Consumption – 55W or less, Standby – 5W, Off – 1W
1810(W) x 1250(H) x 1300(L)mm – 71”(W) x 49”(H) x 51”(L)
170kg (375lb) [boxed weight will vary]

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