Boost Production
with Next-Level
DTG and DTF Printing

The Q2 Hybrid Series printer takes DTG printer performance to industrial level production. Four print heads for increased production speed. Print hundreds of garments an hour with direct-to-garment (DTG) and simply switch to direct-to-film (DTF) to produce best in class transfers for both synthetic and natural fabrics. Load garments efficiently with dual QLVP vacuum platens. Expand the range of items you can decorate using both DTG and DTF technology in a single print platform.

Starting at just €00,000.00


Q Series
Hybrid Printers

More speed, power and performance than previous DTG’s

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Let’s face it – you own a DTG to make money!

And the amount of shirts per hour you can produce will determine how profitable your printer will be. When printing a light coloured shirt with no white ink a 10 x 8” design will print in around 12-13 seconds, approximately 185+ per hour.


Cam Presents
Hybrid Printers

Cam gives a full presentation of the Q-Series features and benefits.


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Faster Printing
With Multiple Print Heads

The Q2 -Series has 4 print heads producing high speeds. Each print head holds 400 nozzles x 8 lines = 3200 nozzles.



New IQ Print Pro Color RIP

Print quality and features within a RIP – do make a difference to your overall design – if color and knock out graphics are important to you and your customers, then the new iQRip for the DTG Q Series will leave you breathless.

Q Series EDTG
New Ink Set

Hybrid inks are Oeko – Tex approved and designed to match the latest precision core print heads in as far as viscosity and temperature requirements. They are available in user replaceable 1 liter bags to continuous production. An expanded gamut configuration is available with the addition of orange and green inks for better colour matching. Importantly the curing times of the Q Hybrid Series inks have been dramatically decreased to 45-50 seconds. This lower curing temperature  means more printed garments through the curing process which can be either conventional  tunnel drier or heat press. Most other brand DTG inks have a standard curing time approximately 2 minutes 


QLVP - Quick Load Vacuum Platens

Mark from Coldesi presents the patented QLVP system.

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Quick Load (Option)
Vacuum Platen

While most DTG printers have a hoop, tuck or clam shell type garment loading system the Q Hybrid Series has a globally patented QVLP vacuum platen feature as an option. This unique vacuum assisted loading features enables users to roughly place the garment onto the platen and reposition it to the desired spot without having to release hoops, or clams in the process. This results in faster and more accurate placement of the garment or DTF film prior to printing.


ALPHA Print Engine

Multiple Print Head

Higher volume output is achieved with multiple print head options. The Q2 dual platen comes standard with four print heads in a trailing head configuration. This enables colour and white ink layers to be printed in a single pass at higher print speeds.

All the DTG Range

We have added reverse prints into the firmware so you can print one pass colour followed by white for DTF applications.

With vacuum platens as standard, film is held in place and heated to stop ink spread. Select the correct profiles and print onto our specialty film.

Coat with a fine glue powder and hover in press to dry. You can decorate jackets, nylon, rainwear and so much more.

Now you can print to a greater range of products!



Auto-Height Adjustment

The Q2 has an automatic height adjustment. Every time you load up a new shirt the Q2 will adjust the height of the platen – Avoiding expensive head strikes or fuzzy prints. It’s a money saver, a hassle saver, and a time saver.

The fastest DTG printer we`ve made yet

With new Alpha print engine and PrecisionCore® printhead more nozzles means more production. With up to 6,400 nozzles on the Q1 and 12,800 nozzles on the Q2 these are our fastest printers ever.

QLVP (Quick change vacuum platens - option)

The unique vacuum assisted loading feature enables users to roughly place the garment onto the platen and reposition it to the desired spot without having to release hoops, or clams in the process.

Most Profit Per Print

Lowest cost, most profit-just 2 ways to say the same thing: every shirt you print will cost less on the Q-Series than the other DTG printers. That means you make more money every time you print, on every order.

Bulk Ink Cartridges

Pre degassed one litre bulk ink packs available in multiple colours. New EDTG series guarantees smoother brighter prints more colour options and designed for production.

Intuitive control panel with toggle select

The newly design intuitive controls enable easy set-up and day to day use. Designed for industrial environment it will withstand the rigours of 24/7 production.

WIMS(White Ink Management) & A.I.R(Automatic Ink Refresh)

WIMS white ink management and A.I.R automatically give you a new printhead daily. All critical parts are auto flushed through daily, resulting in a completely refreshed new printhead and capping station ready for production. Designed 24/7 continual prints.

Print Direct to Film Transfers

Add the ultimate flexibility your Q-Series will print transfers with unique reverse firmware. Simply load your transfer sheets - print direct. Ready for application to a variety of substrates.

Quad(4) heads 16 lines white and 16 lines colour 12,800 Nozzles total – 400 nozzles/line.
CMYK + W + Flush liquid (A.I.R U)
Print Area
16 x 20 inch (410 x 500mm) x 2 Medium and small platens included
Type EDTG series
Ink Delivery
User replaceable 1.0L bags – pressurised re-circulation – white (WIMS)
Processor driven conveyor
Operating System
Vista, XP, Win7-10 – DTG Rip Pro
240 V, 4.6 A, 50 Hz – 60 Hz
1006(W) x 1400(H) x 1931(L)mm 42”(W) x 55”(H) x 76”(L)
394.8kg (870lb) (boxed weight will vary)

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