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textile - we have the best inks and pre-treats available.

Proven Quality • Flexibility • Scalability


DuPont Artistri® Inks are the result of a relentless pursuit of excellence. For decades, Artistri® has been on the cutting-edge of ink, dispersion and polymer technologies, empowering customers to achieve brilliant prints on a wide array of substrates for textile, paper and packaging applications. Learn more about how Artistri® can help you deliver top-line print quality and productivity.


The “greener” digital textile printing market for natural fibers is growing faster than ever. Make the switch to a greener solution that requires no water, no pre-treat, no steaming or washing in process.

The P60i Pigment.Inc® range ensures that you have an ink solution that can deliver the same quality and performance you’ve come to expect from traditional printing techniques. An enhanced 9 color ink range delivers extended colour gamuts, great hand and wash and light fastness to all natural fibers, 100% polyester and blends.


Avery Dennison LED ink technologies are the best on the market. We have the technology to make the ink incredibly bright, vibrant, and stable in the package, printer, and printhead. Our latest LED inks have great adhesion to difficult substrates – rigid and flexible. Benefits of using LED ink include reduced operating cost and lower heat transfer to the substrate. LED curable Inks for digital industrial and graphics applications are available for most major printhead brand printhead-based printers and industrial inkjet systems.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our inks feature proprietary nano pigment dispersion technology which deliver exceptional color gamut, ink stability and jetting reliability over time.

Our inks also feature proprietary polymers which enhance ink jetting performance and improve “open time”: the amount of time one can print without the need for a print head maintenance routine.

Our inks have been tested against other top tier companies where our cure time, wash performance, and crock is equal or better in comparative testing.

Quality, Flexibility, Scalability


Exceptional performance “in printer:” You can get more prints out between printer maintenance routines and our superior formulations ensure reliable jetting over time.

Ink Technology

Pigment.Inc® has been producing and selling digital inks for thermal piezo and continuous inkjet systems going back to the 1990’s.

Our annual ink sales are in the mid-7 figures so we’re committed to the inkjet business.


Competitive Pricing – Best In Class Color – Superior Dispersion Technology For Whites – Better Jetting Across Multiple Printhead Types – Piezo – Quick-Drying – Superior Crock

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