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Whether you are a promotions company, graphic design agency, interior designer, craft manufacturer, small parts manufacturer, textiles printer, custom t-shirt store, wedding merchandiser, trophy shop, signage company the applications from a Pigment.Inc printer are endless. Glass, wood, metal, fabric, leather, plastic, are just some of the surfaces you can embellish, decorate and personalise with a Pigment.Inc digital printer.

The Most Cost-Effective DTG Printer On The Market

From our sharp, vibrant and accurate colour range, larger print surface area and lowest cost per print, the DTG Digital printer is the most profitable printer in the industry. Our patented white ink management system allows you to print a white underlay in one-pass bringing beautiful designs to life efficiently. Simple and easy to use; it is easy to see why DTG Digital printers are the most popular printers in the market.

M2 Industrial
DTG Printer

The DTG Digital M2 Printer is the most profitable printer in the industry. It offers multi garment printing, the largest print surface area per shirt so you can print larger sizes, lowest cost per print, so you make more money every time you print. On every order.

M6 Industrial
DTG Printer

The DTG Digital M6 Printer comes with all the benefits of the M2 but on a grander scale. It allows for more t-shirts to be loaded per print and a larger surface area that allows printing for fabrics, towels, pillows, blankets and draperies. The M6 Industrial printer is the powerhouse of DTG printers.

G4 Production
DTG Printer

The G4 DTG Digital printer is the most compact and powerful printer in the range. Designed to be space-efficient, this machine prints one t-shirt at a time in lightning speed producing amazing prints with brilliant colours in just three easy steps.

Endless Possibilities With A Compress UV Printer

From our superior quality print, lightning speed, unprecedented colour accuracy, unrivalled design flexibility and lowest cost per print, the Compress UV printing range gives you the best return on investment in the market. With Compress UV printer you have so many possibilities with the range of surfaces alone and the additional 300mm clearance height gives you many different products you can print on – even a basketball! Plus, the added benefit of being able to print on heat-sensitive materials. This is just the beginning. Explore the possibilities!

Compress iUV350s
Compact UV Printer

If you are tight for space and typically need to print items under 150mm, then the iUV350s is the machine for you. This compact UV machine really packs a punch with lightning fast speeds and superior quality output. Originally designed to allow small parts manufacturers to label their products, this competitively priced printer has been adapted for a whole range of uses making it a best seller.

Compress iuv600s
Mid Format UV Printer

If you need to print at scale and size, then the iUV600s could be the machine for you. This mid format flatbed UV printer can take items up to 300mm in height, allows for any number of uses! This machine is the fastest in the market for its size and has one of the largest surface areas which means you can print more with less time spent setting up, less operator intervention and greater cost efficiencies.

Compress iuv1200s
Large Format UV Printer

The iUV1200s is our biggest, fastest and most powerful machine on the market. Originally developed to create promotional signage, this large format UV printer with a height option of up to 300mm has been widely adapted for many uses including luggage, soccer balls, specialty boxes, fitness products and even rice cookers.

Making End-To-End Fabric Printing Simple, Easy & Effective

The Pigment.inc GoTx wide format textile printer series was designed for uninterrupted mass decoration to a variety of textiles with your choice of dyes (pigment ink, reactive or sublimation) which can print to both static and two-way stretch fabric. To prevent fabric shifting during the printing process, we have created a patented Roto-Trac media feeding process that eliminates the need of sticky blanket systems.

Pigment.inc GoTx printers are designed to work with our horizontal fixation equipment and optional pre-treatment station to make end-to-end fabric printing simple, easy and effective.


GoTx 4190
Wide Format Printer

The GoTx 4190 wide format printer has so many uses given its ability to print a wide range of synthetic and natural stretch and non-stretch fabrics ranging from light-weight voile to canvas with the option to use pigment, reactive or sublimation inks. 4 x staggered print head which produces the fastest prints in the market achieving maximum outputs of 204 metres square per hour. Perfect for high-speed printing rolls of natural fabric.

GoTx 192FX
Horizontal Fixation

The GoTx 192FX has all the benefits of the 1900FX, with double-width for wider format fabrics. This machine offers the fastest curing of pigment and sublimation dyes. Ideal for high-speed fixation/curing of natural fabrics.

GoTx 190PT
Fabric Pre-Treatment

The GoTx® 190PT pre-treatment module delivers precise even pre-treatment of fabrics for pigment inks which is essential for providing added colour gamuts and wash fastness. A quad zone horizontal fixation unit dries the fabric inline so its ready to print straight from the GoTx® pre-treat machine. Precision liquid dosing with no misting, equates to less pre-treat needed in process. Designed to run with the GoTx®4190 printer series, or any brand of direct fabric printers.

PPS Innovations supplies pre and post production solutions for a broad range of manufacturing segments – whether Screen-printing, Embroidery, DTG or Transfer we are driven by better results and production speeds. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service, the broadest selection of products and the most competitive prices.

PPS Innovations

The PPS Innovations PRE•T is the answer to perfectly pre-treating every shirt, every time. Pre-treating shirts normally involves an HVLP hand sprayer and a learned technique. The new PRE•T allows anyone to pretreat a shirt. Just set the amount of pre-treat you need, put the shirt in and push a button. That’s it. Start pre-treating faster, better and more accurate with the PRE•T Automatic Pre-treat Machine.

PPS Innovations

The PPS T•FOLD is the only answer without wasting loads of money and space – Designed as a bench top auto folder that incorporates easy bagging into the operation, sits conveniently in a small footprint, and is ALL electric – NO air required – The PPS T•FOLD auto folds and bags up to 500 shirts per hour. Its just real simple – fold a few or thousands, it’s the perfect addition to your embroidery, screen-print, DTG, transfer or sublimation business – and a real problem solver.

PPS Innovations

Take your DTG business to new heights – add the ultimate in flexibility – expand into markets with products that you simply can’t print direct. Until Now.
Lets face it, you own a DTG to make money by producing superior prints for your customers. Now – imagine a low energy transfer film designed to work with your DTG inks to decorate those hard to load or print. Open up a tremendous opportunity with a vast range of products, simply and at a very low cost.

PPS Innovations

We all need a heat press! After testing with many manufactures from the far east, we have sourced the best. The E•Press range is ideal for DTG, sublimation, transfer, DTF, hot melt and embroidery patch work.

PPS Innovations

The design of the new PPS Innovations ONE•STEP had current DTG operators in mind. Its revolutionary design enables any DTG printer to increase their production at a fraction of the cost. Its patented design operates in 3 modes – firstly shirts are held in place with a vacuum system so when sprayed no air borne mist is seen – it drags pretreat solutions into the shirt so coverage is far superior to any pretreat device currently in the market.

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