Endless possibilities with a
Compress UV Printer

From our superior quality print, unprecedented colour accuracy, unrivalled design flexibility and lowest cost per print, the Compress UV printing range gives you the best return on investment in the market. With Compress UV printer you have so many possibilities with the range of surfaces alone and the additi onal 300mm clearance height gives you many different products you can embellish – even a basketball! Plus, the added benefit of being able to print on heat-sensitive materials. This is just the beginning. Explore the possibilities.
Compress UV printer iUV350s

iUV350s Compact
Led UV Printer

If you are tight for space and typically need to print items under 150mm, then the iUV350s is the machine for you. This compact machine really packs a punch with lightning fast speeds and superior quality output. Originally designed to allow small parts manufacturers to label their products, this competitively priced printer has been adapted for a whole range of uses making it a best seller.

Compress UV printer iUV600s

iUV600s Mid Format
Led UV Printer

If you need to print at scale and size, then the iUV600s could be the machine for you. This mid format flatbed printer can take items up to 300mm in height, allows for any number of uses! This machine is the fastest in the market for its size and has one of the largest surface areas which means you can print more with less time spent setting up, less operator intervention and greater cost efficiencies.

Compress UV printer iUV1200

iUV1200s Large Format
Led UV Printer

The iUV1200s is our biggest, fastest and most powerful machines on the market. Originally developed to create promotional signage, this large format printer with a height option of up to 300mm has been widely adapted for many uses including luggage, soccer balls, specialty boxes, fitness products and even rice cookers.

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