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Compress is a leading manufacturer of Industrial UV printers and the iUV350s LED UV printer completes the outstanding flexibility of its existing iUV family and the first desktop version in its range – very competitively priced, the iUV dimensions enable it to be installed in tight workplaces by being able to fit through standard doorways allowing it to be operated in more locations with ease.

The iUV350s LED UV printer is perfect for retail and manufacturing of small parts however its speed is equivalent to its bigger siblings the iUV600s LED UV printer and iUV1200s LED UV printer models and delivers over 50% increase in Industrial speed and reliability.

Starting at just €00,000.00
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100'S Of Applications
Set Your Imagination FREE!

Print Big And Many Small Items

To make printing of different shapes and sizes of materials effortless, the iUV series is packed with special features such as water cooled LED lamp systems for heat sensitive media and an automated media sensor, that detects the surface height of a substrate, resulting in a quicker, simpler and more intuitive experience.


Branding and
Printing on

How to print custom promotional items on

the Compress iUV-350s

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Product Prototypes
& Production

The Compress iUV Series gives you the freedom to print exactly what you want, when you want and virtually to whatever you want. Fast color digital printing is possible for glass, metal, plastics, board stocks, acrylic and more. Even flexible media like textiles and leather deliver the widest flexibility in commercial printing options.

Profit From Personalised Products

Souvenirs, Promotional & Giftware

Impact printing of gifts and promotional items.
Perfect for adding value to corporate gifts and promotional items – Compress printers quickly and precisely imprint even the smallest text, photos, logos and other artwork on a wide variety of both curved and flat items, including flasks, key chains, pens, lighters, awards and photo frames.

Industrial Parts

The Compress iUV350s allows you to print directly on parts for industrial use, such as car interior parts, injection molded closures, packaging etc, enabling customization to meet a wider customer base. Prototypes and production can be realized quickly and inexpensively with no need for screen or plate making. In comparison with pad printing multiple colors can be decorated at increased speeds. Making the compress iUV series an invaluable part of the production line.

The Widest Print Area

With a bed size of 610 x 350mm the iUV 350s has the

largest print area of a desktop UV printer. Take your

production to a new level and maximise your profits.

Print On Media
Up To 150mm

Printing amazing high quality images and having 3D print capability with gloss effects. Prototyping and production can safely be run from the same printer – With a media height of 150mm and production speeds up to 150 sqf/ph. The iUV350s LED UV printer is perfect for premium quality photographic printing to acrylics and glass to simple barcoding or product marking on metal or plastic parts.


The all new iQ Interweave technology is a core scientific development in support of product decoration. The unique interweave results in less banding at lower resolutions. Delivering greater flexibility and quality of print to a wider range of items. More ink when and where you need it!

The Widest
Print Area

With a bed size of 560 x 350mm the iUV350s
has the largest print area of a desktop UV printer.
Take your production to a new level and
maximise your profits.


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of the iUV350s

Single Water Cooled UV LED Lamp

So much faster than competitive printers with a single low heat water cooled lamp, with inbuilt variable intensity, for greater speed and efficiency.

Rotary Attachment

Perfect for adding value to corporate gifts and promotional items – quickly and precisely imprint even the smallest text, photos, logos and other artwork on a wide variety of both round and flat items, including flasks, bottles, mugs, candles and more.

Vacuum Bed

An optional vacuum bed for film, paper and light weight substrates is easily added to the iUV Series printers.

Specialty Effects

Specialty sign manufacturers utilise our UV technology to print back lit signage or building emergency floorplans inclusive of ADA compliant braille. Right through to cottage industries producing bespoke packaging, boutique cosmetics and branding their products or souvenirs.

Compress Sticky mat

Sticky Mat

Every machine comes with a silicone free Sticky Mat holds itself to the printbed top as well as holding material to itself. No double stick tapes, vacuums, or clamps are necessary. It can easily be removed, cleaned and reinstalled by placing it in position and gently pressing down.

Maximum Print Area

Maximum print area of the iUV-350s is 575mm x 350mm (A3+) with an adjustable media height to 150mm

White Ink Management

WIMS – White Ink Management System – Eliminating white ink settling in the cartridges, ink lines, print head and damper.

On-demand inkjet (Micro Piezo) 1440 nozzles. 3.5Nq-42Nq drop
8 (Dual CMYK or 4 White/Clear plus CMYK)
(Y, M, C, K, Cl, Cl, W, W), (Y, M, C, K, Cl, Cl, Cl, Cl),
(Y, M, C, K, W, W, W, W), (Cl=Clear, W=White)
Print Area
560mm x 350mm (22” x 13.8”) Max media height: 150mm (5.9”)
Bed Size
610 x 350mm (24” x 13.8”)
Draft Modes: 360 x 360, 720 x 360dpi Production Modes: 720 x 720, 1440 x 720dpi
Ink Type
iUV LED pigmented UV-curable inks
Ink Volume
Individual 250ml refillable ink tanks
Ink Delivery
Bottle – pressurised CYMK
Bottle – pressurised re-circulation – white (WIMS) with filtration
Operating System
Microsoft® Windows® XP or later RIP – Print Pro
AC 110-240V, 50-60Hz, 10A, Consumption – 55W or less, Standby – 5W, Off – 1W
Width x Depth x Height (mm)
780(W) x 856(H) x 1206(L)mm
30.7˝(W) x 33.7˝(H) x 47.5˝(L)
98kg [Box weight may vary]

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