Building your textile micro-factory is simple, easy and effective with GoTx

The GoTx® textile printer series was designed for uninterrupted mass decoration to a variety of textiles with either pigment ink, reactive or sublimation dyes. It prints direct to static and 2 way stretch fabric. Our media feeding system is a patented process that delivers minimal fabric shift and feed accuracy across the roll without the need of sticky blanket systems. Moreover, the GoTx® system is available with horizontal fixation equipment and an optional pre-treat station to complete any process requirement.

GoTx 4190 Wide Format
Textile Printer

The GoTx 4190 is the fastest wide format printer on the market and is a worthy investment for those creating a digital textile micro-factory.  With superior quality due to its dual staggered DX7 heads, various ink applications and patented Roto-trac media feed.  The wide-format print width allows for maximum design flexibility and endless possibilities.  Smart set up, operational efficiencies and easy cleaning and maintenance have all been considered in the GoTx range to produce the lowest cost per print and better return on investment.

GoTx 192FX Horizontal Fixation

The GoTx® 192FX is a powerful fixation unit for pigment inks. Designed to run with the GoTx® 4190 printer for seamless productivity.

Utilising quad zone heater element plates below and above the media horizontally where the fabric is not touched during cure. For consistency we do not employ IR heatlamps to avoid cool cure zones across the media. Fixation on a horizontal path provides better control and avoids smoke, steam or oil which can be dragged across the media = ghost free imaging.

GoTx 190PT Fabric Pre-Treatment

Precise even pre-treatment of fabrics for pigment inks are essential for providing added colour gamuts and wash fastness. The GoTx® pre-treatment module was designed to do more than just wet fabric. A rotational dosing liquid drum lays the correct amount of pre-treatment solution to the top surface of fabric without the underside getting wet (fabric weight dependent). This results in the fabric hand and weight not changing in production.
A quad zone horizontal fixation unit dries the fabric inline so its ready to print straight from the GoTx® pre-treat machine. Precision liquid dosing with no misting, equates to less pre-treat needed in process.
Designed to run with the GoTx®2190/4190 printer series, or any brand of direct fabric printers.

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